AstroPrint Mobile

AstroPrint Mobile

Finally! With AstroPrint Mobile, you can now 3D print while you’re sitting in the bathroom!*

* or anywhere else, really...


  • Automatic 3D printer discovery. Connect locally (via wifi), or from anywhere (via the internet).
  • Remote monitoring of all your 3D printers. Start, stop, pause prints, access cameras, and more.
  • Search Thingiverse and other model repositories. Print straight from the app.
  • Sync with your AstroPrint Cloud account. This syncs your printable files, printer connections, printer settings, and more.
  • Slice models within the app (using common slicing engines on our Cloud Slicer).

*You'll need an AstroBox connected to your 3D printer. AstroPrint Mobile talks to your AstroBox, which then talks to your 3D printer.