Many businesses are leveraging the AstroPrint platform to increase sales, reduce R&D, and/or to distribute printable digital content.

Although most partnerships are highly individualized, here are some typical partnership examples:



Not to make this personal, but hardware manufacturers are typically pretty bad at making software and user experiences. Sorry hardware-folks, but it's true...

By leveraging AstroPrint, hardware manufacturers can focus on what they do best, hardware, while we focus on the software experiences.

Let us know if you would like to:

  • Reduce software R&D costs.
  • Ship hardware that ALWAYS has cutting edge software.
  • Remove headaches around software development and maintenance.

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Content Providers

AstroPrint is the pipeline from the internet into desktop 3D printers.

Whether you are a game developer, toy company exec, or a Maker that has designed some cool stuff, the AstroPrint Cloud is the distribution channel of choice for the 3D printing industry.

Content can be distributed directly into 3D printers via: Existing 3D Printing interfaces (such as touchscreens), your webpage/mobile apps, apps on, and more.

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You just found the droids you've been looking for...

AstroPrint's developer tools give you the power to plug into the world of 3D printing and IoT. Whether you are building a 3D printing app from scratch, or adding 3D printing to your current offerings, we have you covered.

Just a few of the ways developers are leveraging AstroPrint:

  • Adding 3D printing revenue streams to existing games/apps.
  • Maximizing factory workflows with wireless 3D printing.
  • Adding cloud slicing functionality to existing 3DP products.
  • and More.

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Government agencies love us because we:

  • Can build custom 3DP solutions for specific use cases.
  • Are open to consulting on specialized 3D printing projects.
  • Have experience working with large government agencies (specifically the NIH).

Before you start your 3D printing related project, check with us! We can probably save your department A LOT of time and money!

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Enterprise Brands

Why your enterprise company will ♥ AstroPrint:

  • We can make all your wildest dreams come true!
  • It’s not our first time at the Enterprise rodeo.
  • We are the top 3D printing SOFTWARE experts in the world. Hands down.

If you have questions about Enterprise solutions, please reach out.

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